Dynasty Season 6 Release Date

Dynasty TV Show season 6th not yet verified. If show status will be determined it would air at June 9th, 2025 same time. Here's what we know about new part, including spoilers, cast, trailer, episodes number and plot.

Dynasty Season 6


Dynasty synopsis

Oh, these dynasties of the rich. Before envying their condition, it is worth considering - how is it sitting in a golden cage? Where almost all marriages are arranged, where even close relatives do not trust each other and "sleep with a knife under the pillow." Where everyone has to weave intrigues and gnaw their way up, and then wait for your own assistants to throw you off the pedestal. If someone finds out your secret, it will immediately be used against you. Women, even heirs, have a doubly hard time. We have to prove to everyone that they got their position with an iron grip and intelligence, and not with spread legs.

Dynasty Season 6th release date

New season will once again be made up of generated total episodes, that will be available live from The CW. Premiere episode will start on June 9th, 2025. Series episodes will release every week on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm. More detailed episodes list provided below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
6X1 Episode 1 June 9, 2025
6X2 Episode 2 June 9, 2025
6X3 Episode 3 August 29, 2025
6X4 Episode 4 September 5, 2025
6X5 Episode 5 September 12, 2025
6X6 Episode 6 September 19, 2025
6X7 Episode 7 September 26, 2025
6X8 Episode 8 October 3, 2025
6X9 Episode 9 October 17, 2025
6X10 Episode 10 October 24, 2025
6X11 Episode 11 October 31, 2025
6X12 Episode 12 November 7, 2025
6X13 Episode 13 November 14, 2025
6X14 Episode 14 November 21, 2025
6X15 Episode 15 December 12, 2025
6X16 Episode 16 December 19, 2025
6X17 Episode 17 December 26, 2025
6X18 Episode 18 January 23, 2026
6X19 Episode 19 January 30, 2026
6X20 Episode 20 February 20, 2026
6X21 Episode 21 February 27, 2026
6X22 Episode 22 March 6, 2026

Dynasty Season 6 trailer: When will we see it?

Watch online video which describes how will look upcoming season of TV Show filmed by The CW.

Dynasty Season 6 Trailer

Dynasty Season 6 Expected Cast

The main characters most likely return. Fallon Carrington will be played Elizabeth Gillies and Blake Carrington role will be played by actor Grant Show. Along with Daniella Alonso (Cristal Carrington), Elaine Hendrix (Alexis Morell Carrington), Eliza Bennett as Amanda Carrington, Jeff Colby role will take Sam Adegoke, Joseph Anders will be played Alan Dale, star Rafael De La Fuente will be playing Samuel Josiah "Sammy Jo" Jones, Liam Ridley role will play a Adam Huber and James Mackay (Steven Carrington).

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