The Castaways Season 2 Release Date

The Castaways creator Ben Harris hasn't yet ruled out a season 2nd for the mystery TV Series. If it were decided to renew it expected on December 24, 2024 near the same time. Read below, what we know so far about the new part of the Ben Harris' mystery.

The Castaways Season 2


Cast and characters season 2

We're waiting practically identical cast to back in the second season might as well. Lori Holme role will be played Sheridan Smith and Erin Holme role will take Celine Buckens. Together with Lasarus Ratuere (Felix Vatubua), TBD role will play a Joseph Mydell, Amber Gordon role will be played by actor Charlotte Vega, actor Celeste Dodwell will be playing TBD, Dominic Tighe as Daniel Eldridge and Brendan Cowell as Mike Brass.

The Plot

The Castaways follow sisters Lori and Erin as they embark on the holiday of a lifetime in Fiji. However, after a huge fight Erin never boards the island-hopping flight to their resort – and the plane, with Lori on board, never arrives at its destination.Months later, with no wreckage or survivors having been found, Lori's credit card is suddenly used in a corner shop in a remote village in Fiji, and on CCTV Erin recognises the plane's pilot.

She sets out on a journey to find him and discover the mystery of what happened to her sister.

When is the The Castaways Season 2nd premiere?

The returning of TV Show will consist of five episodes. They will be available online on Paramount+ immediately after release. Premiere episode will start in 24/12/2024. Series episodes will release every week on Tuesdays at 3:00 am. More detailed schedule presented below.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on Paramount+
2X1 Episode 1 December 24, 2024
2X2 Episode 2 December 24, 2024
2X3 Episode 3 December 24, 2024
2X4 Episode 4 December 24, 2024
2X5 Episode 5 December 24, 2024

The Castaways Season 2 trailer

Watch online teaser describing next season of TV series filmed by Paramount+. Official video trailer will be released one month before the release date.

The Castaways Season 2 Trailer

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