Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 2 Release Date

There is no the precise information about 2nd season of Legends of the Hidden Temple Series now. If show status will be determined it will back on August 17th, 2025 almost same time as previous. All you need to know about a possible new part of the CW drama.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 2


Who will return in Legends of the Hidden Temple season 2?

Most of the actors should return for next season. Host role will be played Cristela Alonzo.


This supersized, adult version of Legends of the Hidden Temple is taken out of the studio into a "jungle" and scaled up with tougher challenges and much bigger prizes on the line. It preserves the original Nickelodeon series' favorite elements including: "Olmec" (the giant talking Mayan head), the"Moat Crossings," "The Steps of Knowledge," the "Temple Run," and of course, the iconic team names: "Purple Parrots," "Blue Barracudas," "Orange Iguanas," "Red Jaguars," "Silver Snakes" and "Green Monkeys."

Every episode is a hero's journey through a mysterious jungle. Five teams begin the journey, but only one is "strong enough and smart enough" to enter the ominous Olmec's Temple, avoid the "dreaded" Temple Guards, retrieve a lost treasure, and return it to its rightful owner.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 2 trailer: watch the early footage

At this moment, given below video is most accurate to new part of TV Show.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 2 Trailer

When will Legends of the Hidden Temple Season 2 come out?

The continuing of TV Show will once again be made up of thirteen total episodes. They will be accessible online on CW immediately after release. First episode will start in August 17th, 2025. Series episodes will premiere weekly on Sundays at 20:00. More detailed episodes list presented below.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
2X1 Episode 1 August 17, 2025
2X2 Episode 2 August 24, 2025
2X3 Episode 3 August 31, 2025
2X4 Episode 4 September 7, 2025
2X5 Episode 5 September 14, 2025
2X6 Episode 6 September 21, 2025
2X7 Episode 7 September 28, 2025
2X8 Episode 8 October 12, 2025
2X9 Episode 9 October 19, 2025
2X10 Episode 10 October 26, 2025
2X11 Episode 11 November 16, 2025
2X12 Episode 12 November 23, 2025
2X13 Episode 13 November 30, 2025

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