Melrose Place Season 2 Release Date

Melrose Place season 2 renewal status remain unknown. If ratings permitting we should see it on Tuesday, August 5, 2025 almost same time as previous. All information about upcoming season created by Darren Swimmer in this article.

Melrose Place Season 2


When is the Melrose Place Season 2 premiere?

Season 2nd will consist of generated total episodes, that will be available online on The CW Network. Premiere episode starting in Tuesday, August 5, 2025. Series episodes will release weekly on Tuesdays at 21:00. Detailed schedule presented below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
2X1 Episode 1 August 5, 2025
2X2 Episode 2 August 12, 2025
2X3 Episode 3 August 19, 2025
2X4 Episode 4 August 26, 2025
2X5 Episode 5 September 2, 2025
2X6 Episode 6 September 9, 2025
2X7 Episode 7 September 16, 2025
2X8 Episode 8 September 30, 2025
2X9 Episode 9 October 7, 2025
2X10 Episode 10 October 14, 2025
2X11 Episode 11 October 28, 2025
2X12 Episode 12 November 4, 2025
2X13 Episode 13 February 3, 2026
2X14 Episode 14 February 10, 2026
2X15 Episode 15 February 17, 2026
2X16 Episode 16 February 23, 2026
2X17 Episode 17 March 2, 2026
2X18 Episode 18 March 9, 2026

What is Melrose Place about?

Ella was an attractive girl who was corrupted by show business. And how else to explain the fact that from her mentor she learned, for the most part, only cunning and the fact that with the help of sexuality she can turn almost everyone as she wants? Everyone is jealous of her husbands and friends, and she can no longer get rid of the image of a femme fatale. Lauren also uses her body, but not for popularity, but to pay for her studies. She wants to become a doctor so badly that she has to step into the path of prostitution. Violet, a certain simpleton, is desperately trying to fit into this society, not realizing what a rotten type of people she is eager to make friends with.

Who will be playing in the updated season 2nd?

We wait exactly similar cast to return in the 2 season. Ella Simms role will be played by actor Katie Cassidy and Riley Richmond will be played Jessica Lucas. Together with Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen as Lauren Yung, Jonah Miller will play a Michael Rady, actor Shaun Sipos as David Breck, Ashlee Simpson-Ross (Violet Foster) and Colin Egglesfield as Auggie Kirkpatrick.

Melrose Place Season 2nd trailer

Watch live teaser which describes how will look upcoming season of TV series. The CW Network network will share official teaser few weeks before the release date.

Melrose Place Season 2 Trailer

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