Reaper Season 3 Release Date

There is no the precise info about 3rd season of Reaper Series now. If it were decided to renew it will back at February 10th, 2025 near the same time. Here's what we know so far about new part, including trailer, news, plot, spoilers and rumors.

Reaper Season 3


Reaper Season 3 trailer

At this moment, this teaser is very relevant to upcoming part of Reaper. Official teaser will come out few weeks before the release date.

Reaper Season 3 Trailer

When is the Reaper Season 3rd premiere?

The continuing of Series will consist of generated episodes. They will be available online on The CW Network immediately after release. First episode starts in February 10th, 2025. Series episodes will release weekly on Tuesdays at 20:00. More detailed episodes list provided in this table:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
3X1 Episode 1 February 10, 2025
3X2 Episode 2 February 17, 2025
3X3 Episode 3 February 24, 2025
3X4 Episode 4 March 3, 2025
3X5 Episode 5 March 10, 2025
3X6 Episode 6 March 17, 2025
3X7 Episode 7 March 24, 2025
3X8 Episode 8 March 31, 2025
3X9 Episode 9 April 7, 2025
3X10 Episode 10 April 14, 2025
3X11 Episode 11 April 21, 2025
3X12 Episode 12 April 28, 2025
3X13 Episode 13 May 5, 2025

About Reaper

Sam dropped out with what seemed to him a very convincing excuse - you see, he was sleepy when he sat in class. To be honest, his parents didn't seem to mind their overgrown son playing video games instead of getting off their necks. However, everything changes dramatically after his birthday. The guy begins to have nightmares, and his father suddenly talks some kind of nonsense, like that he was promised to the devil after he became very ill in childhood. The guy just doesn’t want to die, especially since the father and mother are to blame for everything, and not he. However, he has no choice but to become a reaper. The guy somehow believes that he is doing good, destroying only evil souls, for a while forgetting who he is obliged to serve, and what motives his master has. Sam fears eternal punishment for himself.

Reaper Season 3rd cast: Who's in it?

We wait practically identical cast to return in the next season might as well. Bret Harrison will return as Sam Oliver with Tyler Labine (Bert "Sock" Wysocki). You should also totally expect to see Valarie Rae Miller (Josie), John Oliver will be played by actor Andrew Airlie, Rick Gonzalez as Ben Gonzalez, actor Missy Peregrym will be playing Andi Prendergast, Ray Wise (The Devil) and Ted Gallagher role will play a Donavon Stinson.

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