Smallville Season 11 Release Date

Smallville creator Jerry Siegel hasn't yet ruled out a season eleventh for the drama TV Series. If it were decided to continue it expected at May 23rd, 2025 same time as 10. All information about next part created by Jerry Siegel below.

Smallville Season 11


Smallville Season 11th cast: Who is returning?

The essential actors probably back, might as well as few additional faces. Clark Kent will take Tom Welling alongside Chloe Sullivan role will take Allison Mack. In addition, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Sam Jones III as Pete Ross, Laura Vandervoort (Kara), Davis Bloome will play a Sam Witwer, Lionel Luthor role will be played John Glover, Whitney Fordman will be played Eric Johnson, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen and Callum Blue as Major Zod.

When is the Smallville Season 11th out?

The returning of adventure TV Show will consist of twenty-two episodes, that will be released at The CW Network on demand. Premiere episode starts on May 23rd, 2025. TV Series episodes will release weekly on Tuesdays at 20:00. More detailed schedule provided inside table below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
11X1 Episode 1 May 23, 2025
11X2 Episode 2 May 30, 2025
11X3 Episode 3 June 6, 2025
11X4 Episode 4 June 13, 2025
11X5 Episode 5 June 20, 2025
11X6 Episode 6 June 27, 2025
11X7 Episode 7 July 4, 2025
11X8 Episode 8 July 11, 2025
11X9 Episode 9 July 18, 2025
11X10 Episode 10 August 1, 2025
11X11 Episode 11 August 8, 2025
11X12 Episode 12 October 3, 2025
11X13 Episode 13 October 10, 2025
11X14 Episode 14 October 17, 2025
11X15 Episode 15 October 24, 2025
11X16 Episode 16 October 31, 2025
11X17 Episode 17 December 11, 2025
11X18 Episode 18 December 18, 2025
11X19 Episode 19 December 25, 2025
11X20 Episode 20 January 1, 2026
11X21 Episode 21 January 8, 2026
11X22 Episode 22 January 8, 2026

Smallville synopsis

Meteor showers are not only a reason to admire nature, but also an opportunity to adopt a space boy. Martha did not brag to everyone how strong and fast her boy was, because his abilities even in elementary school surpassed athletes. Looking back, Clark wistfully recalls his village life, in which there was a lot of work and responsibility, but there were no such wild psychological tests and throwing, the suppression of the god complex. When he became a teenager, he realized that the green stones irradiated not only him. However, this was not the beginning of self-improvement, but bitterness. Clark begins to look for a society of scientists so that they at least a little clarify his origins for him. The guy is counting on the absence of rumors, because some kind of confusion is already beginning - some of his relatives are sure that God sent him, and someone fearfully sees him as a treacherous intruder.

Smallville Season 11th trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch live video describing next season of series filmed by The CW Network. Official video trailer will come out few weeks before the start date.

Smallville Season 11 Trailer

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Giger Elisabeth Avatar
Giger Elisabeth
Aug 06, 01:08 pm
I will new seasons with smallville to have. I love this series and the superman. and not as comic series.
Giger Elisabeth Avatar
Giger Elisabeth
Aug 13, 05:08 pm
i want new seasons of smallville but not as animated comic serie as seasons in the past
Matthew schroer Avatar
Matthew schroer
Sep 24, 05:09 pm
I would love for it to come back

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