The Killing Kind Season 2 Release Date

The Killing Kind creator Zara Hayes hasn't yet ruled out a season second for the drama. If ratings permitting we're expecting it to land on 05/09/2024 same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

The Killing Kind Season 2


The Killing Kind Season 2nd trailer and announcement

At this moment, this video trailer is most precisely to new season of The Killing Kind. Official video trailer will come out near the release date.

The Killing Kind Season 2 Trailer

The Killing Kind Season 2 cast

Some unexpected characters can also join the 2 season of the TV Series. Ingrid Lewis will be played by actor Emma Appleton and John Webster will be played by actor Colin Morgan. Along with Rob Jarvis (Tom Martins), Belinda Grey will be played by actor Sara Powell, star Sophie Stanton as DI Jill Winstanley, star Olivia D'Lima will be playing Suzanne, Mark Orpen will take Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Nicholas Rowe (Angus Grey) and DS Luke Nash will be played Kerr Logan.

The Killing Kind Season 2nd premiere date and schedule

Upcoming season will once again be made up of generated total episodes, that will be available live from Paramount. First episode starts in 05/09/2024. Series episodes will release on Thursdays at 3:00 am. More detailed schedule presented inside table below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on Paramount+
2X1 Episode 1 September 5, 2024
2X2 Episode 2 September 5, 2024
2X3 Episode 3 September 5, 2024
2X4 Episode 4 September 5, 2024
2X5 Episode 5 September 5, 2024
2X6 Episode 6 September 5, 2024

The Plot

The Killing Kind follows successful barrister Ingrid, who is used to dealing with tricky clients, but no one rivals John Webster—charming, good-looking, successful and clever and accused of coercive control by an ex-girlfriend.Following the trial, Ingrid got close to Webster—too close—and when she tried to exit the relationship, he turned on her, and her world imploded. Now, just when she is rebuilding her life, he suddenly reappears and tells her that someone is out to kill her and only he can protect her.

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