Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2 Release Date

There is no the precise data about 2nd season of Transformers: EarthSpark yet. If it were decided to renew it will return at Friday, July 26, 2024 near the same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2


Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2 trailer: watch the early footage

At the moment, this teaser is very relevant to next season of series. Official teaser will be uploaded one month before the premiere date.

Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2 Trailer

Paramount Plus Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Season 2 will once again be made up of generated total episodes. They will be available to stream live from Paramount Plus right after release. Premiere episode starts in July 26th, 2024. TV Series episodes will premiere every week on Fridays at . Greater detail schedule provided below.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on Paramount+
2X1 Episode 1 July 26, 2024
2X2 Episode 2 July 26, 2024
2X3 Episode 3 July 26, 2024
2X4 Episode 4 July 26, 2024
2X5 Episode 5 July 26, 2024
2X6 Episode 6 July 26, 2024
2X7 Episode 7 July 26, 2024
2X8 Episode 8 July 26, 2024
2X9 Episode 9 November 14, 2024
2X10 Episode 10 November 14, 2024
2X11 Episode 11 November 14, 2024
2X12 Episode 12 November 14, 2024
2X13 Episode 13 November 14, 2024
2X14 Episode 14 November 14, 2024
2X15 Episode 15 November 14, 2024
2X16 Episode 16 April 10, 2025
2X17 Episode 17 April 10, 2025
2X18 Episode 18 April 10, 2025
2X19 Episode 19 April 10, 2025
2X20 Episode 20 April 10, 2025
2X21 Episode 21 April 10, 2025
2X22 Episode 22 April 10, 2025

Transformers: EarthSpark Season 2 cast: Who's in it?

The key actors must back, as well as few new faces. Robby Malto will take Sydney Mikayla and Mo Malto role will take Zion Broadnax. Along with Nolan North (Hardtop), star Z Infante will be playing Crowd, actor Jason Marsden as Cadet Conway, Agent Bala role will be played Krizia Bajos, Alan Tudyk (Crowd), Tarantulas will take Alfie Allen, Crowd role will be played by actor Jon Jon Briones and Nicole Dubuc as Skywarp.


The civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons has relocated to a planet far from Cybertron, Earth. There, a new breed of Transformers emerges, when a multicultural family adopts them, ensuring their survival and the ties they make to their lineage.

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