4th and Long Season 2 Release Date

4th and Long creator Michael Irvin not yet renewed season 2 for the sports. If ratings permitting we're expecting it to land on July 29th, 2024 near the same time as previous. Here's all we know so far about the new season of the Michael Irvin's sports.

4th and Long Season 2


4th and Long Season 2 trailer and announcement

At this moment, given below video is most accurate to new part of TV series. Paramount Network will upload official video trailer few weeks before the release date.

4th and Long Season 2 Trailer

The Plot

Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin and Spike TV are on a quest to give a football hopeful a shot at making the Dallas Cowboys roster in the new series 4th and Long. Spike TV will chronicle the rigorous training, heated competition, and compelling moments among 12 talented unsigned football players -- individuals who either blew their first shot at making the NFL, or never had one to begin with.

In a 10-week training camp, Irvin will offer his wealth of experience and guidance to mold them into NFL-caliber players. Each week a different contestant will be cut, with the eventual victor heading to training camp with football's legendary franchise, the Dallas Cowboys.

When is the 4th and Long Season 2nd new episodes arrive?

Season second will consist of generated total episodes, that will be released at Paramount Network on demand. Pilot episode will start in Monday, July 29, 2024. TV Show episodes will premiere every week on Mondays at 22:00. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on Paramount Network
2X1 Episode 1 July 29, 2024
2X2 Episode 2 August 5, 2024
2X3 Episode 3 August 12, 2024
2X4 Episode 4 August 19, 2024
2X5 Episode 5 August 26, 2024
2X6 Episode 6 September 2, 2024
2X7 Episode 7 September 9, 2024
2X8 Episode 8 September 16, 2024
2X9 Episode 9 September 23, 2024
2X10 Episode 10 September 30, 2024

Who will star in 4th and Long season 2?

The key characters probably return. Michael Irvin will be back as Host.

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