7th Heaven Season 12 Release Date

7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton not yet confirmed season 12th for the family TV Show. If show status will be determined we're expecting it to land on August 15th, 2024 same time as eleventh. All information about new season created by Brenda Hampton in this article.

7th Heaven Season 12


When will 7th Heaven Season 12th air?

New season will once again be made up of generated total episodes, that will be available online on The CW Network. Premiere episode starts on August 15th, 2024. TV Series episodes will premiere on Mondays at 8:00 pm. More detailed schedule presented below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
12X1 Episode 1 August 15, 2024
12X2 Episode 2 August 22, 2024
12X3 Episode 3 September 4, 2024
12X4 Episode 4 September 11, 2024
12X5 Episode 5 September 18, 2024
12X6 Episode 6 September 25, 2024
12X7 Episode 7 October 2, 2024
12X8 Episode 8 October 9, 2024
12X9 Episode 9 October 16, 2024
12X10 Episode 10 October 23, 2024
12X11 Episode 11 October 30, 2024
12X12 Episode 12 December 4, 2024
12X13 Episode 13 December 11, 2024
12X14 Episode 14 December 18, 2024
12X15 Episode 15 January 1, 2025
12X16 Episode 16 January 8, 2025
12X17 Episode 17 February 25, 2025
12X18 Episode 18 March 4, 2025
12X19 Episode 19 March 11, 2025
12X20 Episode 20 March 18, 2025
12X21 Episode 21 March 25, 2025
12X22 Episode 22 April 2, 2025

About 7th Heaven

Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household. This year, Eric and Annie will find their family back together in Glenoak with the return of Matt and Simon. As is often the case when the house is overflowing with Camdens, Eric and Annie are in for a bumpy ride as their children take landmark steps in their lives.

Meanwhile, Eric and Annie continue their journey as soul mates, parents and grandparents whose love and respect for each other brings them ever closer. Through all the ups and downs, Eric and Annie have managed to keep their romance alive and their family together. Not only are they raising their own seven children, they've picked up several additional family members along the way.

7th Heaven Season 12 cast: Who is returning?

Some additional members may also join the next season of the series. Stephen Collins will be back as Rev. Eric Camden with Beverley Mitchell as Lucy Camden. You should also totally expect to see Ashlee Simpson as Cecilia Smith, John Hamilton role will be played by actor Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Sarah Thompson (Rosanna "Rose" Taylor), actor George Stults will be playing Kevin Kinkirk, Annie Camden role will be played by actor Catherine Hicks, Adam LaVorgna (Robbie Palmer), Peter Petrowski role will be played Scotty Leavenworth and Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne Richardson).

7th Heaven Season 12 trailer

At the moment, this video is most accurate to next season of 7th Heaven. The CW Network will share official teaser near the release date.

7th Heaven Season 12 Trailer

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Les Avatar
Aug 12, 03:08 am
I can't wait for season 12. I'm hoping that it will be on Paramount.
Carol Avatar
Nov 14, 05:11 pm
We need more shows like this and less about crime and violence. We need to be teaching our children to be kind, loving and respectful.

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