Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

Five Bedrooms creator Leigh McGrath hasn't yet ruled out a season 5th for the comedy. If show status will be determined it would air on June 15, 2025 almost same time as 4. Read below, what we know about the upcoming season, including trailer, spoilers, episodes number, news and plot

Five Bedrooms Season 5


When will Five Bedrooms Season 5th air?

Upcoming season will consist of generated total episodes, that will be released online on Paramount. Premiere episode will start on 2025-06-15. Series episodes will release on Wednesdays at 3:00 am. More detailed episodes list provided in this table.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on Paramount+
5X1 Episode 1 June 15, 2025
5X2 Episode 2 June 15, 2025
5X3 Episode 3 June 15, 2025
5X4 Episode 4 June 22, 2025
5X5 Episode 5 June 29, 2025
5X6 Episode 6 July 6, 2025
5X7 Episode 7 July 13, 2025
5X8 Episode 8 July 20, 2025

Five Bedrooms synopsis

After meeting on the singles table at a wedding, five humans down on their luck in both love and life jokingly arrive at a solution to their real estate angst as solo flyers: they could pitch in and buy a house together. A really big house beyond the reach of any of their married friends. Is it a joke? Obviously. Are they drunk? Definitely. Will this stop them? Probably not. But, surely you can't co-invest, much less cohabit with a bunch of strangers you barely even know... or can you?

Five Bedrooms Season 5th trailer: When will we see it?

At the time, presented below teaser is most precisely to next season of Five Bedrooms. Official video trailer will be released near the premiere date.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Trailer

Cast and characters season 5th

The key characters most likely back, might as well as few new actors. Kat Stewart will return as Liz Wendell alongside Stephen Peacocke (Ben Chigwell). You should also totally expect to see Johnny Carr as Kevin "Simmo" Fitzsimmons, Heather Doyle role will play a Doris Younane, Roy Joseph (Harry Sethi), Manju K. Sethi will take Kumud Merani, Lachlan Best role will be played by actor Hugh Sheridan, Colin Doyle role will take Alan Dukes and Ainsley Elling will play a Katie Robertson.

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