In the Dark Season 5 Release Date

In the Dark creator Corinne Kingsbury hasn't yet ruled out a season fifth for the comedy Series. After confirmation it will return on December 1st, 2024 almost same time as 4. Here's what we know about new part, including rumors, cast, news, trailer and episodes number.

In the Dark Season 5


In the Dark Season 5 cast

We wait the same cast to return in the 5th season as well. Murphy Mason role will be played Perry Mattfeld alongside Jess Damon role will be played by actor Brooke Markham. As well as Keston John as Darnell James, Felix Bell role will be played by actor Morgan Krantz, Tyson Parker role will be played by actor Thamela Mpumlwana, Joy Mason role will be played Kathleen York, Josh Wallace will take Theodore Bhat, Casey Deidrick as Max Parish, Officer Gene Clemons will be played by actor Matt Murray and Hank Mason will be played Derek Webster.

In the Dark synopsis

Someone complains that they get a "big bone" from their parents. However, Murphy would gladly trade any hooked nose and protruding teeth for her blindness. For six years she has been getting used to the fact that a huge piece of her interaction with the world has been taken away from her. She became quite asocial, preferring to get stoned until her thoughts were clouded. After killing a drug dealer friend, she tries to get to the bottom of the truth, but this would be quite problematic even for an ordinary person without a crust. After all, the events, to put it mildly, are strange - she thought she tripped over his corpse, but their mutual acquaintance of the merchant assures her that the teenager is still alive. Why then does he refuse to talk to her even for a little while? Despite this, she meets a worker involved in this case who is raising a blind daughter, which, by the way, made him more good-natured towards the girl. Oddly enough, her promiscuity will help her not only in orgasms, but also in the investigation.

In the Dark Season 5 release date

Season 5th will once again be made up of thirteen total episodes. They will be accessible live from The CW Network just after release. Pilot episode starting in December 1st, 2024. Series episodes will release weekly on Thursdays at 9:00 pm. Greater detail schedule presented in this table.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
5X1 Episode 1 December 1, 2024
5X2 Episode 2 December 8, 2024
5X3 Episode 3 December 15, 2024
5X4 Episode 4 December 22, 2024
5X5 Episode 5 January 5, 2025
5X6 Episode 6 January 12, 2025
5X7 Episode 7 January 19, 2025
5X8 Episode 8 January 26, 2025
5X9 Episode 9 February 2, 2025
5X10 Episode 10 February 9, 2025
5X11 Episode 11 February 16, 2025
5X12 Episode 12 February 23, 2025
5X13 Episode 13 March 2, 2025

In the Dark Season 5th trailer: watch the early footage

Watch live video trailer first look of new season of In the Dark. The CW Network media services provider will share official video one month before the start date.

In the Dark Season 5 Trailer

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