Nancy Drew Season 5 Release Date

There is no official info about fifth season of Nancy Drew TV Show at the moment. After confirmation we're expecting it to land on August 14th, 2024 same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Nancy Drew Season 5


Nancy Drew Season 5th trailer

Watch live video trailer describing new season of TV series. Official teaser will come out one month before the premiere date.

Nancy Drew Season 5 Trailer


Whether you are a hundred times young, cunning and observant, after all this series of crimes, you still need to go to college. Nancy was glad to prove herself, but she understood that a proper education would not interfere with the young detective, but would also give more knowledge about the world. However, because she was made the prime suspect, college had to be postponed for a whole year! There were a huge number of events in it: she found out that her stepfather raised her, and her real father is an evil and callous rich man, from whose corporation people suffer. She was also possessed by the Ghost, who could help her unravel a distant lineage. Nancy not only got used to everything paranormal, but she herself began to take the first steps in this. Previously, she just watched, and now she is trying to return the spirit that left the body of a former school enemy.

Nancy Drew Season 5 cast

Some additional members probably join the next season of the TV Series. Leah Lewis will return as Georgia "George" Fan with Maddison Jaizani (Bess Marvin). You should also totally expect to see Alex Saxon (Ace), star Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew, star Scott Wolf will be playing Carson Drew, star Riley Smith will be playing Ryan Hudson, Alvina August (Detective Karen Hart) and Tunji Kasim (Ned "Nick" Nickerson).

Nancy Drew Season 5th release date: When is it out?

The continuing of drama Series will once again be made up of generated total episodes. They will be available to stream live from The CW Network immediately after release. Pilot episode starts on August 14th, 2024. Series episodes will release weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm. Greater detail episodes list presented inside table below.

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
5X1 Episode 1 August 14, 2024
5X2 Episode 2 August 21, 2024
5X3 Episode 3 August 28, 2024
5X4 Episode 4 September 4, 2024
5X5 Episode 5 September 11, 2024
5X6 Episode 6 September 18, 2024
5X7 Episode 7 September 25, 2024
5X8 Episode 8 October 2, 2024
5X9 Episode 9 October 9, 2024
5X10 Episode 10 October 16, 2024
5X11 Episode 11 October 23, 2024
5X12 Episode 12 October 29, 2024

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