Riverdale Season 8 Release Date

There is no the precise info about eighth season of Riverdale Series yet. If show status will be determined we should see it on Tuesday, January 13, 2026 same time as 7. Here's everything we know about new season, including episodes number, plot, spoilers, schedule and cast.

Riverdale Season 8


Riverdale Season 8 cast: Who is returning?

Most of the cast must back for 8th season. Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper will take Lili Reinhart and Veronica Lodge role will be played Camila Mendes. Together with Ashleigh Murray as Josephine "Josie" McCoy, Alice Cooper role will take Mädchen Amick, Reggie Mantle will play a Charles Melton, Fangs Fogarty role will take Drew Tanner, Kevin Keller role will be played Casey Cott, Toni Topaz will be played by actor Vanessa Morgan, Hermione Lodge will play a Marisol Nichols and Hiram Lodge will take Mark Consuelos.

What is Riverdale about?

To be honest, sometimes Betty thinks about what a mess is going on in their school. It seems that teenagers do everything in the world, but just do not study. They constantly weave intrigues, break up and change an infinite number of times, and even try to be detectives. All of them are obsessively narcissistic or self-hating personalities engaged in persecution of others. Eternal competition for superiority and a ban on the use of red. However, later it turns into some kind of rubbish with magic and reincarnations, hive queens and other nonsense. Everyone intimidates each other, then seduces, and there is no end to this, no edge.

Riverdale Season 8 release date: When is it out?

Next season will consist of twenty episodes, that will be available at The CW Network on demand. Pilot episode will start on 13/01/2026. Series episodes will premiere on Thursdays at 8:00 pm. Greater detail schedule presented in this table:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
8X1 Episode 1 January 13, 2026
8X2 Episode 2 January 20, 2026
8X3 Episode 3 January 27, 2026
8X4 Episode 4 February 3, 2026
8X5 Episode 5 February 10, 2026
8X6 Episode 6 February 17, 2026
8X7 Episode 7 February 24, 2026
8X8 Episode 8 March 3, 2026
8X9 Episode 9 March 10, 2026
8X10 Episode 10 March 17, 2026
8X11 Episode 11 March 24, 2026
8X12 Episode 12 April 8, 2026
8X13 Episode 13 April 15, 2026
8X14 Episode 14 April 22, 2026
8X15 Episode 15 May 6, 2026
8X16 Episode 16 May 13, 2026
8X17 Episode 17 May 20, 2026
8X18 Episode 18 May 27, 2026
8X19 Episode 19 June 3, 2026
8X20 Episode 20 June 10, 2026

Riverdale Season 8th trailer: When can I watch it?

Right now, presented below video trailer is very precisely to upcoming part of Riverdale. The CW Network network will release official video trailer near the start date.

Riverdale Season 8 Trailer

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Jackie Avatar
Jan 21, 10:01 pm
So, I'm thinking about how to fix Riverdale in Season 8, you know? Season 7 was a mess, especially those episodes 19 and 20. But here's my idea: we start Season 8 right where Season 7 ends, in Pops. Betty and Archie are getting engaged, and everyone's pumped. Then, Jughead's there, wrapping up his comic. And it hits me - what if Season 7 was just Jughead's comic, like a 'what if' scenario?Betty and Archie get hitched, but bam, new mystery. Chic and Charles show up, kidnap Betty – classic Riverdale drama, right? And hey, Veronica's pregnant, adds a bit of humor. Cheryl loses some powers from Rivervale, but keeps her witch thing. Toni and Fangs hit her up to turn Big Antony back into Baby Antony, maybe throw in a Sabrina crossover for some magic vibes. It's like fixing things up, keeping it simple, and bringing back the good ol' Riverdale vibe. That's my take for Season 8.
Lenny Avatar
Jan 23, 10:01 pm
I'm thrilled at the prospect of a potential Season 8 for Riverdale! The show has always kept us on the edge of our seats with its intriguing mysteries and complex characters. If it happens, I can't wait to see how the story continues to evolve and what new challenges the residents of Riverdale will face. Fingers crossed for more exciting adventures in our favorite small town!

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