Legion of Super Heroes Season 3 Release Date

There is no the precise info about third season of Legion of Super Heroes TV Show at the moment. If ratings permitting we should see it on 03/08/2024 same time as 2. Here's all we know so far about the upcoming part of the fantasy.

Legion of Super Heroes Season 3


Is the trailer of Legion of Super Heroes Season 3 released?

At the moment, this teaser is most precisely to upcoming season of TV series. The CW Television Network media services provider will share official teaser one month before the premiere date.

Legion of Super Heroes Season 3 Trailer

Characters and cast season 3

Some unexpected characters likely join the 3 season of the TV Series. Yuri Lowenthal will return as Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El In addition, Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy), Michael Cornacchia (Bouncing Boy), Shawn Harrison as Timber Wolf, Phantom Girl will take Heather HoganShrinking Violet role will be played Kari Wahlgren and Andy Milder as Lightning Lad.

Legion of Super Heroes Season 3 release date and episodes list

Next season will consist of generated total episodes. They will be available online on The CW Television Network just after release. Premiere episode starts on August 3, 2024. TV Series episodes will release weekly on Saturdays at 11:00. Detailed episodes list presented inside table below:

Episode Number Episode Title Release Date on The CW
3X1 Episode 1 August 3, 2024
3X2 Episode 2 August 10, 2024
3X3 Episode 3 August 17, 2024
3X4 Episode 4 August 24, 2024
3X5 Episode 5 September 7, 2024
3X6 Episode 6 September 14, 2024
3X7 Episode 7 September 28, 2024
3X8 Episode 8 October 12, 2024
3X9 Episode 9 January 18, 2025
3X10 Episode 10 January 25, 2025
3X11 Episode 11 February 1, 2025
3X12 Episode 12 February 8, 2025
3X13 Episode 13 February 14, 2025


In this TV cartoon adaptation of the popular DC Comics comic book series, Superboy travels from the 21st century to the 31st, where he joins forces with teenage heroes from different planets and possessing different super-powers. This "Legion of Super Heroes" fights galaxy-threatening menaces like Mordru, the Sun-Eater, and deal with the issues in their personal lives.

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